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Chiropractic Redondo Beach CA Ear Infections

Ear infections are an inflammation of the middle ear also known as otitis media. Did you know that children are more likely to suffer from an ear infection than adults? Five out of six children will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday. More and more parents have been taking their children to Chiropractors for resolution of chronic ear infections in Redondo Beach CA. Dr. Sanchez at Arc of Life Chiropractic has had a lot of success caring for pediatric patients with chronic ear infections.

Redondo Beach CA Chiropractor Can Help Treat Ear Infections

Chiropractor Redondo Beach CA Sabrina Sanchez

Dr. Sanchez will learn and gather information about your child’s history. Some children have experienced up to 10+ ear infections within the first year of life. Dr. Sanchez will look inside your child’s ears using an instrument called an otoscope. An ear may show areas of dullness or redness, blood or pus inside the inner ear, a hole/perforation in the eardrum, or fluid accumulation. Let’s take a closer look at why kids are more susceptible to ear infections and why Chiropractic can help.

One of the main reasons kids get ear infections more frequently is because of the positioning of the Eustachian tube. The tubes are smaller and more horizontal in children therefore it can be difficult for fluid to drain.

In addition, a child’s immune system isn’t as effective as an adult’s because it’s still developing. Until a child gets exposed to bacteria, it makes it harder for children to fight infections. As part of the immune system, the adenoids respond to bacteria passing through the nose and mouth. Sometimes bacteria get trapped in the adenoids, causing a chronic infection that can then pass on to the eustachian tubes and the middle ear.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

If an ear infection has not been responsive to antibiotics or a child has been on multiple rounds of antibiotics pediatricians might suggest surgery. It is usually at this point where parents start looking for other options. By this time their child might have had multiple infections in both ears and are becoming more resistant to the antibiotics. Here is where chiropractic comes in.

Chiropractic helps move lymph properly throughout the body. There are many lymph nodes located in the head and neck. When the lymph becomes stagnant it can create a blockage and your child’s ability to fight infection can dramatically decrease. Dr. Sanchez can assess the areas of spinal misalignment that can be causing nerves to be compressed, lymph to be stagnant and blood flow to be impeded.

Pediatric Ear Infections

At Arc of Life Chiropractic, you will find lots of little ones. Imagine the birthing process. It can be pretty dramatic with lots of pulling and twisting and vacuuming and suction that we are finding that many infants have misalignments after the birthing process. The adjustment is very gentle yet effective. We use the amount of pressure that you would place on your eyelid with small pulsations to achieve the adjustment. There are so many different Chiropractic techniques however, it is very important to find a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in pediatric care because it is a very specific adjustment.

We have had many children with full resolution of chronic ear infections, swollen adenoids/tonsils and much more. Your child’s immune system and spine is much more resilient than any adult. I urge you before you make that appointment for tubes for surgery see Dr. Sanchez. We know we can help your little one.

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