Headache and Migraine Relief in Redondo Beach

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Having a headache once in a while is common and usually does not interfere with your daily life. However, having frequent or recurring headaches or migraines can prevent you from enjoying your usual activities. Arc of Life Chiropractic offers an effective migraine and headache treatment in Redondo Beach. Our Redondo Beach chiropractic office can help.

Understanding Headaches and Migraines in Redondo Beach

You can get chronic headaches or migraines for a number of reasons. Some headaches, such as tension headaches, occur often due to chronic stress, while others, such as cluster headaches, occur for unknown reasons. You might also have a higher risk of chronic headaches or migraines due to a genetic component. Some headaches occur as a symptom of an underlying health condition, such as sinusitis, high blood pressure or panic attacks. Certain lifestyle factors, such as specific foods or sleep problems, can also trigger headaches or migraines.

Chronic headaches and migraines generally happen when changes in chemical activity occur in your brain. Tension headaches can occur repeatedly due to misalignments in your upper back and neck or from the pain that comes from trigger points in certain neck muscles. Migraines occur when the blood vessels in your brain constrict, and then dilate, leading to higher blood pressure in your skull.

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Chiropractic Care for Headaches and Migraines with Our Chiropractor in Redondo Beach

Recurring headaches and migraines can have a significant impact on your quality of life. If other forms of treatment have not been effective at relieving this pain, chiropractic care can help. Our chiropractor in Redondo Beach provides safe and effective spinal adjustments that can realign the spinal discs in your upper back and spine for relief from headaches and migraines. Restoring this part of your spine to its proper alignment can also help lower the risk of continuing to have chronic headaches and migraines. These adjustments allow nutrients to get to any damaged spinal discs you might have, which helps promote healing.

Arc of Life Chiropractic also offers massage therapy, another form of treatment that can ease pain from headaches and migraines. These massages are done on the head, shoulders, and neck to relieve tension in these parts of your body, which should reduce pain. The exact areas that massage therapy focuses on depending on the type of headaches you have and what might be causing them. For example, massage therapy will focus on easing stress and tension in your neck and shoulder muscles to relieve tension headaches. A combination of chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy can provide you with more effective relief from migraines and headaches, especially if you have severe ones that prevent you from doing regular activities.

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