Frequently Asked Questions in Redondo Beach

Find the answers below to the most frequently asked questions about chiropractors in Redondo Beach. Having the answers to these key questions can help you choose the right Redondo Beach chiropractor for you. If you don't see the answer below to a question you have, reach out to Arc Of Life Chiropractic at (310) 379-3230 and our team can help!

What will my first appointment look like?

Your first appointment will consist of a consultation, comprehensive exam, and full spine x-rays (if needed). For our pregnant moms or those trying to conceive x-rays will NOT be done. During the first appointment, your chiropractor will perform a series of orthopedic and neurological tests as well as ranges of motion. We ask a detailed history and define what are your health goals. We strive to listen and appreciate your willingness to seek holistic care. We know that many of you have not ever been seen by a chiropractor so we want to make your experience like no other doctor visit you have ever been to. We hope that you feel like we care for you like we would a family member.

I am pregnant and I have a ton of questions! Where can I find more information?

We have a specific page JUST FOR YOU. Click on me!

What insurances do you accept?

We take most major PPOs. We also have cash plans for those who may have high deductibles or who do not have insurance.

I have long will it take for my pain to go away?

Every situation is different. The doctor will go over a specialized treatment plan that he/she will know will get you better. We take an in-depth history and are very thorough in diagnosing your condition. We have all of the digital state of the art equipment to be able to help you. If needed, we have a team of professionals to help steer you in the right direction if we know there is someone better suited for your needs.

I heard that once you go to a chiropractor you have to keep going?

You will see LOTS of families in our office getting adjusted on a regular basis. For many parents when their kids have any ailment (fever, pain, discomfort, runny nose, ear infection & much more) they know that stimulation of the immune system and a proper alignment is what the body needs. In addition, parents in our office know that we at Arc of life Chiropractic do not subscribe to SICK CARE. We align with WELLNESS CARE. Wellness care means keeping your body functioning at its optimal potential. Our bodies are subjected to daily stresses with chronic poor posture, overuse/repetitive movements, lack of sleep, poor diet, fatigue, and much more that we need to treat our body with care. One of the best things you can do for your body is getting your spine checked and adjusted by a GREAT chiropractor.

How are infant and toddler adjustments different than adult adjustments?

Adjustments to infants and toddlers are VERY GENTLE. The amount of pressure that you place on your eyelid or pressure to put on a tomato to not create an indent is the gentle pressure applied to the spine. There are no rotatory movements and Dr. Sanchez might use a clicker tool called the activator. Actually, a lot of infants tend to stay asleep throughout the whole adjustment. Parents report better sleep and less colic even after just one adjustment.

What is the popping sound during a chiropractic adjustment?

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